Grace Smith House

Grace Smith House Advertising Case Study
Grace Smith House Advertising Case Study
Grace Smith House Advertising Case Study

The Challenge

Grace Smith House was awarded a grant to create a social campaign for Dutchess County, NY teenagers to teach them about healthy relationships as part of their education/prevention work. Grace Smith House partnered with Co-Communications to devise a strategy for reaching the target audience.

The Solution

In order to gain valuable audience insight to create a campaign that was on point and authentic, Grace Smith House and Co-Communications partnered with Children’s Media Project to run a focus group. Co-Communications incorporated the insights provided by the youth ambassadors to create the campaign, “How Messed Up is Your Relationship?”

Grace Smith House and Co-Communications collaborated to create a 10-question survey that was engaging, interactive and – most importantly – educational. All marketing/advertising activities centered on the quiz and aimed to drive traffic and ultimately completed surveys.

A landing page ( was created to house the mobile-friendly survey, as well as key message points regarding prevention. Student-produced PSAs, cinema advertising, Facebook advertising, sticky note advertising and football field banners, as well as press releases, were all created to encourage landing page traffic.
After completing the quiz, teens receive one of three results: Seems OK, Warning Signs, or Get Help. Each result included the Grace Smith House hotline so those in need could call or refer a friend in need.

The Results

The campaign was launched to coincide with Domestic Violence Awareness Month (October).

In October alone: The campaign reached 84% (30,318) of a potential reach of 36,000 on Facebook. 92% of the website visitors were New York teens, keeping true to the audience of the grant. Of the 2,479 clicks, more than 900 quizzes were completed.

This data is a valuable asset for Grace Smith House to use in order to identify gaps in knowledge and tailor educational programming accordingly.

Co-Communications work on behalf of Grace Smith House was recognized with a Gold PRSA Mercury Award for Integrated Communications Campaigns.

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