Graduate!CT Inbound Marketing Case Study
Graduate!CT Inbound Marketing Case Study
Graduate!CT Inbound Marketing Case Study

The Challenge

Attract potential “comebackers,” Connecticut adults with some college credit, to register with Graduate!CT for free college advising services as a conduit to completing their degree.

The Solution

How do you cultivate leads? By building trust among prospective clients. How do you build trust? By sharing expertise through compelling, free, optimized and shareable content.

Co-Communications developed an Inbound Marketing program for Graduate!CT that used optimized content as a tool for generating leads. By enhancing the nonprofit’s website and blog with rich content and downloadable incentives (such as whitepapers and toolkits), Co-Communications built a central information hub for Connecticut adults looking to return to college and complete their degrees. Backend software with robust tracking functionality allowed the client to obtain contact information for the individuals downloading their offers and put them into lead nurturing programs that not only provided valuable resources, but encouraged prospects to contact Graduate!CT for assistance with returning to college.

The Results

In just six months, Co-Communications increased Graduate!CT’s website traffic by over 400% and generated 232 new leads. We also improved Graduate!CT’s organic search engine rankings for relevant keywords, thanks to a blogging strategy that focused on consistency and optimization. In June 2013, Co-Communications won ‘Best of Show’ from the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) for the campaign.

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